​​​​​"​​​It takes no guts to be skeptical, it takes guts to believe. 

 To put yourself on the line.  To take action and 

risk failure and ultimately to succeed.​"

- Tony Robbins ​

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I am a CANADIAN born junior tennis player from Edmonton, Alberta who is attending the  UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI'I​ and playing Division 1 College Tennis for the Rainbow Warriors.  

While at college, my aspirations include competing for regional college championship but also representing Canada on the ATP tour as I compete in various professional tennis tour events and the ultimate goal of winning a professional tennis tournament "singles" title.  

​A big thank you to my Dad, Mum, brother Addison, family, friends and coaches at Weil who have made it possible for me to have the opportunity to go after my tennis goals and pursue my dreams in making them become a reality. 

​                                                      ________                                                               ​





Jan 8th -10th @ UH

  • DUKE
  • LSU

Jan 13th @ UH

  • ​San Diego State

Jan 15th @ UH

  • UC Santa Barbara​​

J​an 18th - 22nd

  • ​USTA Men's Challenger
    • Maui, HI


Feb 4th - 5th @ Stockton, CA

  • ​Univ. Pacific
  • Portland State

Feb 17th - 19th @ LA/San Diego, CA

  • ​​Loyola Marymount
  • UNLV
  • Univ. San Diego


March 9th  @ UH


March 13th  @ UH

  • ​​​Colgate University

March ​​22nd @ UH

  • ​​ELON University

March 23rd  @ UH

  • U of ​​Washington

March 24th @ ​UH

  • ​​​Fresno State

March 28th @ UH

  • ​​Cal Poly​​​